Anna Yakunina and Maxim Averin

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The star of the series “Sklifosovsky” Maxim Averin and Anna Yakunina a secret romance has been credited for many years. The couple looks very organic on the screen and in real life. It’s no secret that the actor spends a lot of time with his partner after filming.

Averin does not admit if there is something more between them than friendship, but he assures that he considers Yakunina a very special woman. She, unlike many, is not afraid to seem funny in the frame. He spoke about his feelings for a colleague in the studio of a famous TV show. Talking about his relationship with her, Maxim emphasized that he regrets her leaving the “Satyricon”.

“This is the woman for whom I want to do things. This is how it should be in life. When she left for Lenkom, I thought it was a terrible tragedy, but the artist needs a director, ”

– said Averin in the show “The Fate of a Man” on the Russia-1 channel.

Yakunina says that their communication is not always exemplary, but they have known each other for 25 years and subtly feel each other’s mood and emotions.

“He sometimes says to me:“ I hated you so much in the morning, and in the evening I looked and realized that I love you ”,

Maxim Averin on the connection with Maria Kulikova:

Maxim Averin on the connection with Maria Kulikova: “What is there to hide, since everyone is in plain sight?”


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