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Will the truth of the separation of Guillermina Valdes and Marcelo Tinelli? How many more hints will they have to drop – especially her – for one of them to explode and be encouraged to reveal the true reasons for the estrangement? For now, the two sweep the trash under the rug and tease each other with a few statements. The businesswoman again struck “on the waterline” of the manager, and again the questions returned, still without definitive answers.

sitting at the table Mirtha Legrand who ordered Juana Viale on Sunday afternoons -so that Chiche Gelblung doesn’t get angry, who didn’t like the name change for one of the editions at all- Wilhelmina He threw in a phrase that directly refers to his former partner and father of Lorenzo, his youngest son.

They talked about men, women, relationships and the particular taste of each “guest” on all those issues when Wilhelmina “kicked the board” by noting it prefer the guys who don’t care much about aesthetic care, precisely one of Tinelli’s “obsessions”.

Set to discuss these issues with the other members of the “mesaza” (Or when Juana leads her, should we also tell her in a different way?), Wilhelmina surprised by securing it without any doubt or hesitation “I find a man who does absolutely nothing to himself very attractive”.

The comment has some reactions and the quick memory of Tinellinatural. Charlotte Caniggiaanother one of those who sat at the table with the most history on TV quickly disagreed with the opinion of Valdes. First she did it with a smile, then with a movement of heads as if she wanted to say “no” and finally with the word, when she verbalized that she does like those who take care of themselves. What Marceloshe has a “fixed idea” with her body.

At 62, Tinelli looks much younger. Few wrinkles are gone, he keeps a good “bush” on his head and very few gray hairs are observed, as if the passage of time has not affected his “outside” image. In addition, he is warned that he is thin -even if he always has been – and in terms of clothing, lately he is prone to “overrated” clothes (some sizes larger than his), a situation that also earns him some criticism provided. of the spectators.

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