Flor Vigna and Sabrina Rojas

Although they have been separated since the beginning of the year and both have rebuilt their lives, after a decade of love and two children in common, Fausto and Esperanza, Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas will always be united both in reality and in the popular imagination, as the public continues to relate them. Invited to PH, we can talk, Flor Vigna She spoke precisely about the good vibes that exist between her and her current partner’s ex.

A few days ago it was Rojas who gave the kickoff to show in public that things are fine between them and gave a “Like” to a production of photos that Mariano Caprarola shared of Vigna, who has just launched as a singer. This Saturday in this regard, the former Combat summarized: “Sabri is the most”.

In addition, Flor spoke of her separation from her former Nico Occhiato: “I believe that we all live what we had to live with our partners, and it was difficult for me to understand that of life that, as someone said, love fails. For me, love does not fail, a cycle ends. I do not believe that my previous relationship has failed, I believe that we lived the best that we could live, that we were the best for each other at that stage. And it was over ”.

That gave him the opportunity to analyze the relationship between Castro and Rojas: “I think Sabri and Lu did their best too, and today they are the best parents and have super good conversations.”. It was then that she revealed that the former couple, she and Tucu López, current boyfriend of the model and actress, shared a meal: “It was because they want to give priority to the family.”

Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna
Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna

Flower said go “A lot of love with Sabri and Lu as parents and towards their entire family” and stressed that the ex-marriage is “learning to love each other in this way as a family and is re-evolving”: “They took care of that, you can. And of course all the time we are all going to be adding to make it work ”.

When asked if he was jealous of the good relationship between the actors, he said no and listed: “First, not because Lu gives me a lot of security. Second, because I have many friends with other criteria about the couple, who are more open. And now there is everything, I have a lot of criteria in my head. I had a more traditional way of loving, and around that I am more cheesy or romantic. I like that we are true ”.

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In recent days, Flor also spoke about the age difference between her (27) and Castro (46). “I think that at least at this point in the relationship it is very good, it helps us to have different points of view on different things And everything that he advises me helps me a lot, the things that he has experienced at work. He was always a low profile and he also helps me a lot in that, in things that he has experienced of all kinds, pain, successes, “he said in Agarrate Catalina.

At that point he told what his contribution is in this round trip from which the relationship is nourished. “I also share a little my enthusiasm for the world, my desire for everything”, Stated the former participant of The academy. “For him it must be an absolutely different thing,” the host intuited, and the dancer nodded, and highlighted the things they have in common. “We share a lot of pleasures together that we like, it’s like we have many meeting points and that’s the beauty too “.


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