I know how is the route of the buses

With the launch of the new unique hands in Posadas, the route of the groups that circulate in these areas is changed. Enter the note and see how the new scheme is or you can also download the data to your phone with a QR code.

With the authorization of the Road Ordinance and Hierarchy Plan, the Municipality of Posadas enabled a series of options to know the routes of the public passenger transport lines.

Through www.posadas.gov.ar/manos-unicas users will have a search engine to consult any of the 56 branches, through a series of maps showing the routes. Also, this digital image can be downloaded and shared on different social networks.

Enter here and see the maps and routes of the buses

in the new unique hands in Posadas

On the other hand, in the different shelters located in the avenues of single hands there will be a QR code, where people can scan and it will send them to the website to consult the lines.

Likewise, there will be inspectors from the General Directorate of Mobility in the sectors with the highest attendance, who will have graphic material to inform residents. In addition, updated information will be available in the municipal delegations.

Line by line: the maps of the bus routes in the new unique hands for Posadas


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