“I kind of laugh when they say we didn’t train”

Jon Aspiazu , Barça’s second coach at the time Ernesto Valverde, has reviewed his time at the Barça club just one year after his dismissal. “It was not the right time, we went first and we had passed to the next round of the Champions without losing any match of the group stage, but the club decided to give a steering wheel to the technical direction of the team and we had to leave “, he explained in an interview in the program What are you playing at! of SER Catalunya.

Valverde’s second denied that the team did not train well, one of the reasons Éric Abidal , then technical secretary, justified the dismissal of Valverde and his staff. “I kind of laugh when they say we didn’t train. It’s also true that Barça is a special team and has, for many years, a very specific way of working, and the players compete every three days and put on in form playing, “he explained.

Aspiazu has talked about the discovery of Ansu Fati, who made his debut with him and Valverde on the Barça bench. “We had injuries in the first team, he was playing in the branch and we went to see him. When I saw how he played the first ball I was already look like a special guy. We said to ‘ Ernesto that looked good and in the first training of the Ansu with the first team he told us: “The Ansu stay with us “.

The assistant coach of Extremadura, who is currently without a team and focused on interests and hobbies beyond football, has also been asked about the shipwrecked of the team in the Champions League. “We only lost two games Champions “But yes, they were expensive,” he said Aspiazu in reference to the hard defeats of Rome and Liverpool. “The match was much more evenly matched than the final result. But the last goal was so decisive and so out of the ordinary that it was an incredible burden,” he said specifically about the defeat in Anfield . “We went to that game with more fears, even though some players had said to Valverde, ‘Mister, but how do you think we can lose?’ ‘I’m the coach, I have to anticipate all the options,’ was the response. “


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