“I have made very bad decisions”

It’s not every day that Chris Paul is heard uttering similar words, but yesterday it was inevitable to look the other way. It was the first thing the Suns point guard said when asked at a press conference about the mistakes that would surely cost Phoenix the game at the edge of the fourth quarter. “It was me. Five losses are mine, I have made very bad decisions ”. His team finished the game with 17 losses, five of them in the fourth period. The figure is the highest they have reached in these playoffs.

In the particular case of Paul, he has already accumulated 15 losses in the last three games, chaining his worst streak since 2012. The star put the magnifying glass on the difference in opportunities that the Bucks had regarding the launch, either through these recoveries or of offensive rebounds, of which they obtained 19 points. “They had a considerably higher number of shots. My duty is to take care of the ball. We shot too well to lose so many shots. “

Result of the 19 shots minus the statistical anomaly of losing registering 51% in field goals for 40% of the Bucks. This is the first time something like this has happened in the history of the finals. The Suns blew a five-point lead with five minutes remaining to lose six.

(Cover photo by Jonathan Daniel / Getty Images)

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