“I hardly receive a salary in the team. 25 thousand a month accumulates in total. I don’t consider the national team as a source of income,” says Biathlete Coach Shashilov – Biathlon

Mikhail Shashilov, coach of the Russian women’s biathlon team, spoke about his salary.

– You often emphasize in interviews your readiness to continue your career outside the national team. Without work, they say, do not stay. But there is also a financial factor. Surely the national team is more profitable than employment in the region.

– I’ll tell you a secret: I practically do not receive a salary in the national team. I am a quarter of the rate in the CSP and a quarter in the SBR. In total, it runs 25 thousand per month.

The rest – in Yekaterinburg, at the school of the Olympic reserve. In this regard, calm. Behind me is the rear, my school, my athletes. Maybe that’s why it’s easier in a certain sense.

I do not consider the national team as a source of income, I want to give something more, to bring. Thanks to Viktor Maygurov, who understands this: “If you want to do it, do it.” We have a normal contact with him, almost always meets halfway, only occasionally you have to convince.

And people out of habit think that I hold on to some kind of salary, rations, equipment. At home, honestly, this is in order, and something is better organized.

– That is, in the national team you work for the coat of arms, flag and idea?

– Yes. Because it’s a shame for the state. He said right away when he came: the goal is an Olympic medal, at least a silver one.

And you tell me about conflicts with personal trainers. What conflicts if they work not with me, but with an athlete? And what should we share when the main goal was to assemble a team and use the biggest chance – the relay? Shashilov said.



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