“I exerted absolutely no pressure”: Minister Jackson explains the departure of ex-seremi of social development

After the departure of Patricia Hidalgoex-ceremi of Social Development of the Metropolitan Region, the minister Giorgio Jackson, explained to Mega News that the resignation request is not related to what she indicated to Bío Bío last Saturday.

After an interview conducted by Bío Bío, the former minister of social development, in which she said that on several occasions it was pushed by the Government to approve projects with which he did not agree and in which he had some technical questions.

After Hidalgo’s statements, the Ministry of Social Development reported that “The decision to request his resignation is due to the cause of loss of confidencewhich is motivated by have formally disregarded the filing of complaints-question what is the obligation of all political authorities and public officials, given indications of the alleged rape of a girl in an area that takes care of people living on the streets in the Metropolitan Region.

Minister Jackson, for his part, stated in an interview with Mega that he requested his resignation because of “a very sensitive situation in a street program in the Metropolitan Region which involved the alleged rape of a girl and therefore when the Wat ‘ one expects in the protocols is that as soon as it is brought to the attention of any regional authority, the first thing to do is to inform the minister, draw up all red alerts and say: it must be addressed immediately and it take as priority number one”.

For that reason, she also explained that “since the people involved in the alleged crime had graduated from the street programs, that is, they were no longer in the residences when she went to see them, she formally ignored the issue and said that it was not her responsibility to her, but to the National Office and this caused the loss of confidence to accept the position,” he said.

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Giorgio Jackson also denied the statements of Hidalgo who stated that he received pressure from the government for “improper pressure”. At this point he stressed that “at least I didn’t exert any pressure, ever. The only thing I know is that that was not the reason why the resignation was requested because I personally requested it and I told him the reason was the other one.

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Finally, the Minister of Social Development reported that he had filed a summary investigation the moment he found out about the incident. He also explained that they “sent a complaint to the Central North Prosecutor’s office, I contacted the prosecutor Armendaris with whom we are coordinating a meeting at the beginning of next week because this is a highly sensitive issue and we do everything possible so that it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

Senator Fidel Espinoza (PS), in response to what happened, published via Twitter that what Minister Jackson said was a “false”. Prior to his remarks, Secretary Jackson responded that “The truth is, I have no idea why Senator Espinoza has that level of obsession. I really don’t get it. But hey, he has every right to say things even if they are lies. That was not the reason why he was asked to resign,” he said.

On her part, the deputy and president of the Social Development Commission, Marlene Perez (UDI) explained that “we must listen to the statements of the former seremi. There is a serious medium who did an investigation. We have seen Whatsapp and various other demonstrations that indeed he would not lie.”

In addition, the Deputy emphasized that “The Minister’s justification is absolutely serious, that it is with something as delicate as an accusation of such magnitude and that the Ministry has made it public. It is worrying and you can see how little control there is on the part of the Ministry”.

Regarding the minister’s tone, deputy Pérez also said that “It is very unfortunate that the minister contradicts with such lightness. First consider that she is a former seremi of your portfolio. Secondly, I believe that these bad practices really cannot continue.” He also added that as president of the commission, he would request the unanimity of the chamber to summon Patricia Hidalgo and also the minister to explain the facts.

Finally, he announced that they would send all the background information to the Comptroller’s office to investigate the fact. To this he added that “I will ask the minister to first see what the controller says so that what really happened is clarified,” said the deputy.



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