I don’t want to scare you, but NASA says that sharks that lived trapped in an underwater volcano have come out

Radioactive sharks, just what we needed…

Dientón Volcano.- If you thought that things couldn’t get worse, it’s time to stop believing that things can’t get worse, because the NASA to report that new species of sharks have come out to sea after an underwater volcano where they lived erupted.

This after the aquatic volcano erupted in days past kavachilocated in the Solomon Islandsabout 24 kilometers south of Vangunu Island, and where according to NASAinhabited many unknown species of sharks that have now emerged into the ocean well entrenched with the desire for bathers (if Spielberg could generate sensationalism, why not us?).

The space agency that has just not been able to capture a UFO up close, shared satellite images where it is seen how after the eruption of the volcano, the sharks emerge abroad.

NASA Just Ruined Your Vacation

The volcano would have entered an eruptive phase since October 2021, according to satellite data, discolored water was shown around the volcano during April and May of this year, which means that the expulsion phase would have begun.

Inside the volcano they reached 350º (obviously Celsiuslos Farenheit as if they did not exist), in addition to containing a large amount of toxic materials that favored the animal life of sharks, jellyfish and many fish unknown to science. And you worried about your straw…

The sharks that lived inside are known thanks to a 2015 scientific expedition where they were able to observe the large number of animal species “encapsulated” within the once-inactive volcano.

Without a doubt, this is bad news for those who like to go into the sea more than a meter deep.

In case you didn’t see it: a German tourist gave Tonayán a drink and her reaction speaks for itself.

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