State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov spoke about FIFA’s ban on Zenit players Malkom and Claudinho from playing for the club until September 14.

“This is unpleasant, of course. Although you know that I do not like legionnaires. It seems to me that they are superfluous. If we didn’t have them, no one would have forbidden us anything. And so we have to compete with FIFA.

Of course, forbidding is very ugly. This is interference in our sovereign affairs. Zenit bought these players, paid money for them. And FIFA certainly cannot prohibit their use.

If we now agree with this prohibition, then tomorrow we will be prohibited from doing something else. And then they will generally ask us to be banned from something.

We are in a vulnerable position due to the large number of legionnaires. Tomorrow, half of them will be banned, and we will play with our own squads, ”Milonov said.

Malkom and Claudinho have been banned from playing Chelsea – but Zenit disagrees. Looks like Barrios won’t be there either

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