The most used instant messaging application in much of the world is WhatsAppDespite the creation of apps with similar functions, it remains positioned among the most important with a total of 2,000 billion active users.

That is why in this race to continue providing a better service, it continues to expand its range of tools. Some of them are those little legends that appear below the name of the contacts that say: “Last minute connection”; “online”; and “Writing”.

Because many find it uncomfortable for the third option to appear, there is a very simple way to hide it. Some believe that it is enough to go to the configuration and choose “Do not show last connection”. However, in this case, “Writing” will continue to appear.

How to prevent this word from being seen?

The easiest way to prevent it from appearing is to disable data and Wi-Fi. That is the person will have to write their message in “airplane mode”.

So, when you think it’s time to send the reply to the contact, the connection is activated again and the text will be sent without any problem. This striking trick also applies if you want to listen to an audio, but you do not want them to realize that you have already seen it. Before accessing the conversation, the “airplane mode” and then the voice message is heard.