Neymar Jr, Dynasty of Kings. The documentary produced by DAZN, has discovered the most critical passage in the sports career of the Brazilian of PSG. It happened in 2014, during the World Cup in Brazil, in the quarterfinals between Brazil and Colombia. A very hard charge from the Colombian Zúñiga in the dispute for an aerial ball hit Neymar squarely on the back. The following looks like something out of a horror movie. The Brazilian collapsed on the grass in excruciating pain. Then came the worst part upon discovering that he had lost the mobility of his lower body. Simplify the drama of the moment with a phrase: “I couldn’t move my legs.”

He continues with a story that gives goose bumps: “When I hurt my back, Marcelo tried to help me up, but he couldn’t. I was trying to move my legs, but I didn’t have the strength to get up. He said: “I can’t, I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel anything. And they took me to the infirmary. There were 2 minutes to go and there, in the stadium infirmary, I remember that my leg was bent and the doctors stretched it out for me and I felt a shock. He couldn’t move his feet. And I began to cry desperately. “

A relief after receiving the worst news

Neymar acknowledges that the medical examinations already in the hospital lived with a lot of tension: “They took me to the hospital, they examined me and The doctor told me: ‘I have two news, one good and one bad. Which one do you want?’. I said: ‘Give me the bad one’. He said: ‘That you are out of the World Cup.’ And crying I asked him: And what is the good then? And he said: ‘If it had been an inch to the side, you wouldn’t walk again.’ And that’s when I started crying because I had to leave the World Cup and because I was injured. “

The farewell to the World Cup, with Brazil classified for the semifinals after finally beating Colombia, was no less emotional: “I arrived at the airport directly from the hospital. They took me on a platform because I was still on the stretcher and all the players were there. They all had red eyes as if they had been crying. That’s where I saw my father, the national team had taken him to the plane. I couldn’t say anything. I could only cry out of real pain because it was a very sad moment for me. “

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