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The health conditions of Pope francesco they worsen markedly. He himself confirmed this at the end of the audience with the pilgrims from Slovakia, which was held in the Paul VI Hall. Dramatic words, those of the Pontiff: “After I will greet you, but there is a problem: this leg does not fitit doesn’t work, and the doctor told me not to walk. “

In short, Bergoglio he can no longer walk. Therefore, the Holy Father added: “I like to go but this time I have to obey the doctor. For this I will ask you for the sacrifice to go up the stairs and I greet you from here, sitting. It is a humiliation but I offer it for your country “, he said addressing the faithful.

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In recent days, information had already leaked about Bergoglio’s knee problems, which soon will have to undergo surgery to combat osteoarthritis. Francesco, 85 years old, in fact, he suffers from gonarthrosis, that is, osteoarthritis of the knee, specifically the right one. An illness that the Argentine Pontiff has been suffering from for some time. On Friday he had “slowed down his daily activities”, deciding to cancel the morning hearings, “for a series of medical checks”.

The operation should be imminent, but from the Vatican, as always in these cases, nothing leaks. Last year, July 4th, he was operated on at Gemelli“a planned intervention to resolve the symptomatic diverticular stenosis of the colon“, explained by the Holy See when he was about to enter the operating room. In this case, the surgery will be simpler, but the problem is serious: severe knee osteoarthritis causes irreversible degeneration of the cartilages. knee prosthesis, which is triggered by an operation that is performed under selective and not general anesthesia, with epidural or a spinal. From the day after the intervention, Pope Francis will already be able to stand up. So recovery, with the hope of recovering mobility.

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