“I can’t get up, I’m dragging myself, but I force myself”: Laura Zapata reveals that Thalía confessed to her that she suffers from severe pain due to Lyme disease | People | Entertainment

The singer mexican from pop, Thaliawas diagnosed 13 years ago with Lyme disease, a condition bacterial which is usually transmitted by ticks of some animalsand that causes weakness, joint pain, heart problems, among other discomforts.

Now, Thalia’s half-sister, Laura Zapatareveals that the singer confessed that she can barely move, and that she feels very weak due to the illness.

Thalia has difficulty moving

According to the web portal La Opinion, in a interview with the mediathe actress The 65-year-old told how her younger sister’s current condition has been, who gave her details of the progress of “Lyme disease” in her body and what she does to cope with it.

Thalía suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder that curiously helps her prevent COVID-19

“Little sister I can’t get up, I’m dragging myself (…) I’m going to force myself, because I can’t move, my joints hurt, but I’m going to force myself,” Laura Zapata narrated about what Thalía explains to her in the conversations they have .

Zapata also indicates that his sister is very disciplined with her medical treatmentwho keeps going to Gym and that she always remains dedicated to the care of her children, despite the fact that it is difficult for her to carry out any activity.

Thalia and her family illness

Despite the fact that Lyme disease is not hereditary but arises from a tick bite, as happened in the case of Thalía, the mother of both artists, Yolanda MirandaCoincidentally, he also suffered from it. And Laura Zapata brought up the subject during her words regarding the health of her sister.

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“That Doña Yolanda has allowed it, not even kidding”: Rumors assure that Thalía was also harassed by the producer Luis de Llano and a great friend of the singer clarifies it

“It is a disease that has no cure, my mother died with Lyme, she took 27 or 30 pills. (…) I hope they find the cure, ”said the actress about the disease that is so marked in her family.

The two Mexican artists are daughters of the deceased businesswoman Yolanda Miranda. Laura Zapata’s father, who is Miranda’s eldest daughter, was William Zapataan ex athlete and Mr. Mexico. Thalía, on her part, is the youngest of the four daughters that Yolanda had in a second relationship with the scientist Ernesto Sodi. (E)

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