“I can go to Oslo, but not to my Palermo”

In his life he is a commercial agent and until now he has always traveled around Italy and then returned to his home in Palermo. From Monday, however, he can no longer do it. Sicily can only be seen from the other side of the Strait, from behind the windshield of his car which has become his makeshift home, because he does not have a reinforced Green pass. He cannot therefore board the ferry. It is the story of Fabio Messina, as ReggioToday tells.

Palermitano blocked at Villa San Giovanni | Video

The 43-year-old man is not vaccinated and therefore does not have the enhanced green certification that has become mandatory for embarking. There is nothing left to do but equip himself with a sleeping bag and a mat to sleep in the car and rely on the care of a lawyer to lodge an urgent appeal that will allow him to overcome what, for the moment, seems an obstacle. insurmountable.

“He’s epileptic, make him go back to Palermo”

Messina has chosen not to get vaccinated, but he does not consider himself an idelogical “no vax”, he was one of the founders of the anti-racket movement in Sicily and says he is ready for what he considers a battle of principle: “I have traveled all over Italy in car quietly but Italy ends up in Lampedusa and not in Calabria and it is not possible for a citizen who lives in Sicily to be prevented from returning home. I can drive to Oslo by car but I can’t go home. If there had been the bridge over the Strait – this is the bitter gloss of the young commercial agent standing on the Calabrian shore between Scilla and Cariddi – by now I would already be home ”.

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