“I am sitting in a cafe and suddenly I hear howling, tears.” Medvedev’s wife – about the first meeting with Daniil

Daria Medvedeva, the wife of the second racket of the world of a Russian Daniil Medvedev, talked about how I first saw a tennis player.

“I remember very well when I first heard the name“ Medvedev ”. We were 12 years old, we ended up at a tournament in Antalya. And now we are sitting in a cafe right above the courts, having lunch – my mother, the coach, some other girls. Suddenly we hear a howl. The sound of throwing rackets, tears. My mom asks, “What’s going on?” And Veronica Kudermetova’s dad begins to laugh: “Medvedev is playing. Don’t you know him? ” We went to look. It was a three and a half hour match. Something with something. Candles, draws of 50 strokes. From childhood, Danya was used to fighting to the last, he was ready to do anything – crooked, askew … If only he could win. And in this sense, he has not changed at all, ”Tatler quotes Medvedeva.

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