I am not going to deceive you, we entered the hospital with great concern for my mother

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Last week was very turbulent for me and my family. After several intense days for different reasons, I have found the ideal moment to sit in front of this page and tell you how I have felt. Controlling the nerves at many times has been truly complicated. As you all know, on Tuesday of last week my mother had to be admitted to the hospital. It was not the best way to start the year although I confess, as I have already said publicly, that everything was better than we initially thought. I have had to read and listen to a lot of nonsense about my mother’s income. As has already been told in these pages and not by my mouth, let it be very clear, my mother eats little and drinks little lately. Our obligation as daughters is Check that everything is ok. The analysis was much better than I thought it could be.

So that there would be no doubt and to avoid speculation, I told my colleagues in the press that were at the door of Clínica La Luz covering the information. When they told us, after a few hours of admission, that we could go home, it was the greatest peace of mind for everyone. It is not very difficult to understand. If she had been unwell the hospital would not have allowed her to go home. It was great news for her and for everyone. The medication that she has to take is not hospitalized nor does it have to be applied intravenously. I’m not going to deceive you We entered with great concern and left much calmer. Now, we have to hope that little by little my mother will eat a little more and drink a little more liquid. I know that, thank God, she is doing it. Speaking of hospitals, this week it’s my turn to go through a new review and do cancer tests to confirm that everything is fine. I hope I have the same luck as my mother and I can leave calmer despite the concern I always have in the days leading up to this revision. I hope to give you good news soon.

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