I am in northern areas, I will come in two or three days: ‘missing’ journalist Abid Mir

I am in northern areas, I will come in two or three days: ‘missing’ journalist Abid Mir

Prominent Balochistan writer and journalist Abid Mir, who was believed to be missing, has finally been contacted by his family, who have reported that he is safe.

On Thursday, Abid Mir’s brother Khalid had also lodged a missing report at the Islamabad police station.

Khalid Mir told Independent Urdu on phone on Friday morning: ‘Today I have contacted my brother Abid through an unknown phone number and he said that he is with some friends in the northern areas for good. He will not have phone or contact for three days, he will come home safely.’

Islamabad Police, however, has not responded to the latest statement of Abid Mir’s brother.

Earlier, Islamabad Police claimed in a tweet about Abid Mir that he had reached home and due to loss of contact with his family, false impression of missing was created.

However, Abid Mir’s brother Khalid tweeted: ‘Islamabad police are lying.’ According to him, no family member has had any contact with Abid, nor has he returned home, until the family does not have any contact, he will continue the legal matter.

Abid Mir is the editor of the Balochistan edition of Lok Sajag. His organization also expressed deep concern over his disappearance and demanded to ensure his recovery.

Apart from this, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan also expressed concern over the disappearance of Baloch journalist in its tweet and wrote that he is missing from Islamabad, his family is not contacting him, we demand from Islamabad Police. Let them conduct an immediate investigation to ensure their safe recovery.

On the other hand, social media on Twitter and Facebook expressed their concern over Abed Mir’s disappearance and demanded his recovery.

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Abid Mir is a well-known writer, critic and known for his posts on social media.

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He is a professor at Post Graduate College, Quetta and is currently pursuing his PhD from Nimal University, Islamabad. In this regard, he is residing in Islamabad.

On Thursday, well-known intellectual Dr. Shah Muhammad Marri also said in a video message regarding Abid Mir that he is safe and with some friends.

Well-known journalist Vasatullah Khan also wrote on his Facebook page about the disappearance of Abid Mir that he is a writer and journalist from Balochistan, he is also the Balochistan editor of Lok Sajag, we are deeply concerned about his disappearance, raising our voice for him. Should.

On the other hand, there is a trend on social media regarding Abed Mir, in which people are demanding his recovery by sharing his picture.

Abid Mir’s brother, Khalid, said: ‘Until they get home, our worries will continue anyway.’



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