“I am in favor and next to the people”


“The people have to be heard and understood”

David Blanco supports the Cuban people in their demonstrations against the government

David Blanco and his group (Photo: David Blanco-Instagram)

Cuban musician David Blanco spoke out against the violence unleashed by the Díaz-Canel government on the people’s demonstrations.

From his social networks, the renowned singer and songwriter assured that he is not in favor of any doctrine or power that is aimed at attacking his people.

“I am against all violence, doctrine and / or power that attacks defenseless people, in favor and next to my people to whom I owe myself,” he declared.

The text published by the Cuban interpreter states that: “I am in Cuba with my people in the hot, as always in favor of a better Cuba, in favor of understanding. The people have to be heard and understood. A Cuban hug ”.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, David Blanco spoke out against the Cuban government on his Instagram account. The also composer of his melodies, criticized the handling of the coronavirus pandemic, since Cuba at that time kept its borders open to tourism when other countries operated in the opposite way.

“We are the only country in the region that does not. The hospitals of the great economies of Europe are collapsing, “said Blanco, referring to the fact that the island continued to be open to tourism in order to demonstrate the normality and robustness of its health system.

Other similarities that the Cuban sees with “the pandemic” of Covid-19 are between Cuba and Puerto Rico. Two very similar Caribbean islands, however, Cuba still does not take measures to contain the epidemic and the Puerto Rican nation has already declared a curfew, schools and jobs closed, as in Venezuela, nations that closed their borders.

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Regarding the British cruise ship with passengers infected by coronavirus, and which was accepted by the Cuban government for docking in the port of Mariel, he said that if he sees it well, it is a humanitarian action.

“I think it’s very good to receive that ship that has asked for SOS on the high seas and it would be inhumane not to do so, (with the required conditions) I’m proud.

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