“Fort Boyard” beats audience records on France 2 and the presenter celebrates the release of his latest novel, “A castle for Hollywood” (ed. Séguier).

Paris Match. Last good news?
Olivier Minne. The critical reception given to my novel.

First heartache?
The first real one was at 22 years old.

What job you would have liked to have done as a child?

Favorite meal ?
The shrimp croquettes. A Belgian specialty.

Last too wet party?
I don’t water too much: my body stops before reaching the limit.

A touch?
I wash my hands all the time.

Favorite insults?
“What a bunch of idiots!”

Most viewed movie?
“Mon uncle” by Jacques Tati.

An addiction ?
The most important is chocolate.

A youthful mistake?
To have stopped my university studies. Maybe I’ll take them back soon!

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A hidden talent?
I have been painting and drawing since I was a child.

Story for a day or love forever?
I am an indecisive romantic: love always.

Your favorite show, kid?
“The little protractor”, Sunday.

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