The big winners of the SRF talent show: The “Tüüfner Gruess” family chapel from the village of the same name in Appenzell-Ausserrhoden.

SRF/Oscar Alessio

The Tüüfner Gruess trio won the “Stadt Land Talent” award. Father Werner Nef cannot yet fully grasp the triumph. But he knows exactly what he will do with the prize money and reveals who was one of the first prominent well-wishers.

Despite little sleep, farmer and newly crowned “Stadt Land Talent” winner Werner Nef is in a good mood. The head of the Tüüfner Gruess family band is currently being overrun by media inquiries. “Later the ‘Musigwelle’ calls and later other media,” says Werner Nef, and afterwards twice: “I still can’t believe the victory. I found everyone involved super good and everyone has grown dear to us. Especially Michèle Bircher. I was sure that she would win. At first I almost felt a little guilty. “

The first person to congratulate is a well-known folk musician

The program ran until late at night, and the Nef family didn’t come home to Teufen until the early hours of the morning. And there, even in the middle of the morning, was received frenetically. Among the first to congratulate: folk music star Nicolas Senn. The families have known each other for a long time. Son Nino, 11, is a Senn fan.

And here again the final appearance of the «Tüüfner Gruess».


Now the boys get their bikes

And what happens to the 100,000 Swiss franc award? Will Nino, 11, and Kilian, 13, get the bikes and television they want? “Yes, we can certainly afford it now,” says Papi Werner. The rest of the money is distributed and is transferred to the boys’ bank account in good Swiss fashion.

The family chapel should continue to be a hobby for the Nefs. The yard and the school have priority. However, Werner Nef could imagine playing at larger events. Somebody caught fire at the big live final of «Stadt Land Talent». The family trio performed even before the SRF show, and now more often.

And doesn’t practice stink to the two boys? At an age where many prefer to play games or bang Netflix? «No, actually never. We always enjoy making music, ”says Papa Nef. Anyone who has seen the family chapel in the final, this joy in their eyes, will gladly believe them.


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