Hyundai unveils first images of its new Bayon SUV

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The year 2021 will bring important developments in Hyundai’s product portfolio. The Korean firm prepares the landing in Europe of the Bayon, a model that will be available in the first half of the year and about which more information will be revealed in the coming weeks.

For now, the first images of the vehicle have been shown, a new new crossover SUV of the segment B. The teaser images reveal an attractive design connected with a stylish and technological look. In addition, the company has confirmed that the Bayón will be the last model to incorporate its design identity. Sensuous Sportiness, which combines emotional value with innovative design solutions.

At the front, an air intake band that runs across the entire front of the vehicle and narrow and wide DRLs create more room. The wide front grill opens at the bottom, creating a solid style. The headlights are separated from the DRLs, creating a unique light architecture for a very distinctive style.

Rear of vehicle has arrow-shaped brake lights attached by a thin red line. These lights are located far away from the sides, enhancing the visual impression of spaciousness, making the rear frame even more remarkable.

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