Hyperhidrosis, when sweating is excessive: causes and remedies

Hyperhidrosis indicates excessive sweating. Let’s try to understand what the mechanisms are and why our body sweats. Every day we lose at least half a liter of water through the skin without realizing it.

Why do you sweat

It is the mechanism that is called insensible perspiration and it’s just one of the ways by which the body loses heat. Obviously we rely above all on the sweat that is produced by the eccrine glands and therefore do not induce a particular odor. Sweat can become a problem when it mixes with other substances secreted by the skin, particularly the apocrine and sebaceous glands.

In very hot weather, sweating focuses on the forehead, neck, back and chest. On the other hand, when the phenomenon is linked to tension or strong emotion, there is a tendency to sweat on the armpits, on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.

Hyperhidrosis, what is it

When you sweat too much, we talk about hyperhidrosis which can be completely normal when you move to a very hot and humid climate or when you enter menopause. But it may also have no apparent cause. In this case it appears above all in puberty and tends to improve. The parts at risk are the armpits, palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

This situation sometimes is also linked to specific pathologiesso you should always talk to your doctor about it, but also about the high intake of caffeine or spices, the nicotine of cigarettes and anxiety.

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Sweating of the apocrine glands increases when there are hormonal stimuli or intense emotions. Furthermore, it can be easily attacked by bacterial flora.

Hyperhidrosis, how can you defend yourself

Generally speaking, the problem can be controlled with the use of deodorants, which must be chosen with a goal of controlling the growth of bacteria in the affected areas, or of tannic acid or iontophoresis. In any case, you should always contact your doctor, especially the dermatologist. As natural remedies, there are sage, thyme and lemon.

In some cases, however, hyperhidrosis is uncontrollable, so there are specific treatments that must be chosen together with the dermatologist and possibly the plastic surgeon.

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