Covid-19 has revealed two scientific worlds at odds with each other, two clans that divide public opinion just as much: detractors and supporters of hydroxychloroquine!

The “anti” are powerfully represented by large institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO) or, in the United States, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). to name only the most influential. Let us recall some facts: the very contested and very political Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (“doctor” TAG), of Ethiopian origin, director of the WHO since July 2017, was the subject of an online petition which exceeded the million of signatures: she is asking for her immediate resignation for unfitness for her post and for having minimized the risk of the pandemic in its early stages, which, outside Asia, was the cause of a notable delay in the implementation of preventive measures against the virus. At the request of 116 countries, an investigation into its mismanagement of the crisis was recently opened.

The boss of the WHO, a “Chinese puppet”

We also give TAG the nickname “Chinese puppet”. As the entire planet blamed the Xi Jinping regime’s cover-ups on the ongoing epidemic, he publicly praised China for “the unprecedented measures [destinées à] contain the outbreak [et son] attachment […] transparency and the protection of the world population ”. This is not surprising: Africa’s biggest creditor, the Middle Kingdom benefits in return for privileged access to its energy and mining raw materials. It is Ethiopia’s main trading partner, the second African recipient of Chinese funds. All is said.

In his current position, “doctor” TAG also reports to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has become the most important donor to the WHO since Donald Trump decided to freeze the participation of the United States in this organization. Almost 25% of the total annual budget of the WHO, far ahead of the States, is now provided directly or indirectly by the Gates Foundation. The latter has also invested (in equities) in many laboratories, mostly American (Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, Pfizer) but not only (GSK, Sanofi and others). Unsurprisingly, Gates supports the Gilead laboratory which, by any means, wants to market, despite inconclusive clinical results, its very expensive antiviral remdesivir ($ 2,300 for five days of treatment).

Any demonstration of effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) on Covid-19 overnight in Gilead

Gilead is also seeking to maximize its stock market share before, very soon, the AstraZeneca laboratory merges with it for an amount between $ 240 billion to $ 275 billion. Any demonstration of the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) on Covid-19 harms Gilead and, in general, the vaccines and molecules that are preparing a consortium of pharmaceutical mastodons with which the Gates Foundation has sealed agreements (AstraZeneca and Gilead, for example). The NIAID, led since 1984 by Doctor Anthony Fauci, and the FDA (authority which decides on the marketing of drugs in the United States) are other staunch enemies of the HCQ, American interests oblige.

In previous articles (Paris Match n ° 3708: “Hydroxychloroquine victim of a conspiracy”, Covid-19 page of n ° 3710, and on on June 3, 2020 “The battle for chloroquine is raging”) , we denounced the methodologically biased studies which, since April, have been published in various journals to discredit the HCQ. The sources of funding that supported them all lead to the aforementioned actors and links of interest. Two of them caused a scandal because the fraud was too huge. They had to be removed from the “Lancet” and the “New England Journal of Medicine”, two prestigious journals whose motives or real interests seemingly had nothing to do with science. The strategy of these publications is simple: cast doubt on it, there will always be something left. But it gets worse: while HCQ must be prescribed at the very beginning of an infection to reduce the viral load, three very large studies coordinated by the WHO, respectively named Solidarity, Recovery and Remap-Cap, have administered or administer HCQ in patients at a late stage and in high or toxic doses, potentially fatal: 2400 mg as a loading dose in Recovery and Remap-Cap. This is four times the maximum dose authorized by the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) and more than the toxic dose (risk of serious heart rhythm disturbances) requiring immediate hospitalization.

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With Remap-Cap, which is centered on patients on ventilators or in shock, we fall into horror: HCQ can be given with the consent of patients or without if they do not have the strength, at need by gastric tube. To facilitate a fatal outcome and then accuse HCQ of being the cause? Nothing can stop Goliath, whose power is limitless and scruples absent. However, David is still very much alive. It will be Act II.

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