Hybrid chips AMD Ryzen 6000 (Rembrandt) will not receive the Infinity Cache buffer / News / Overclockers.ua

AMD recently updated its Linux kernel with information on its forthcoming Yellow Carp APUs. It is known from previous leaks that Yellow Carp is the codename for Rembrandt chips for laptops and desktops. In the roadmap, Rembrandt is following Cezanne to form the Ryzen 6000 APU family. Future hybrid chips will feature BGA FP7 design.

CPU cores migrate to Zen3 + architecture, and graphics to RDNA2 – which is a weight change after Vega in four consecutive APU generations. Rembrandt will also receive support for DDR5 and LPDDR5 memory, PCIe Gen4 and USB 4, which Cezanne lacks.


Earlier, a number of rumors linked Rembrandt to the Infinity Cache technology successfully used in the Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards. However, according to the information in the Linux kernel, Yellow Carp does not have such a cache. In addition, instead of 8 Compute Units, Rembrandt will have 6 such units. Although this cannot be considered an accurate confirmation of the total number of CUs in hybrid processors.


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