Hussein Al-Shahat, the first football player in Al-Ahly Club, revealed his return date for stadiums after undergoing “hernia” surgery, confirming that the attending physician told him that he would return in a period of 4 or 5 weeks, especially as he is currently undergoing rehabilitation in the swimming pool.

Al-Shahat begins during the coming period, the first stages of rehabilitation as a prelude to returning to training in the club, in coordination with the medical device, which recommended Al-Shahat to rest at home and not make any effort to recover well from surgery before starting the training trip and returning to the stadiums. The Al-Shahat is scheduled to start a simple training paragraph within days of training On a bicycle “pedal” as a first stage in the journey of treatment and rehabilitation of “hernia” surgery.

Al-Shahat added, during his statements to Al-Ahly, that he wishes to return to the team before the African Champions League, saying: “Our dream is to achieve the African Champions League title because it is the dream of all players and fans, with crowning the league championship this season.”

Hussein Al-Shahat mentioned that he faced many difficulties in his life so that he could fulfill his dream of wearing the shirt of the Red Devils, pointing out that he worked in more than one field, most notably working in a gas station and an alumetal manufacturing workshop, noting that when he remembered those difficult days he cried, especially after God has blessed him at the present time and has become a player in the ranks of Al-Ahly Club.

He added that he had signed and signed for Zamalek and Al-Ahly when he was a player in the Eastern ranks of second-tier smoke, but that the matter did not happen then, and I moved to the Alexandrian Federation after that and got money that helped me to marry, then I moved to the clearing classes and the situation improved after that until I joined the Red Genie recently.

The Al-Ahly player said that when he signed for Al-Ahly and Zamalek, Wael Riad Chitos, the former team star, was in constant contact with him, until she finally succeeded in moving to the Red Castle.