Hungarian Miracle June: slammed England twice, didn’t lose to the Germans, lead the Nations League top group – 06/15/2022

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Source: Reuters

The fairy tale of the Hungarians in the League of Nations continues: Marko’s team Russia again showed itself well against a top opponent and now leads the group with seven points after four rounds.

Hungary becomes even more pleasant due to the fact that they scored six points with England: before that, the Hungarians had not outplayed the British for 59 years – the last victory was back in 1953. They’ve been beaten twice this month.

The alignment in the group is as follows: Germany has 6 points, Italy is third with five points, but England is a clear outsider with two points. Who could have predicted this after the draw?

Hungary is really good against tops

Portugal on the Euro. Hungary had a hard time rolling into the tournament, but in the game with Portugal they looked very decent, despite the score. They lasted 84 minutes, and before that they even scored (but offside).

France on the Euro. Against the French, the Hungarians came out with a frantic attitude and scored first. Of course the team Deshama controlled the match, but Hungary fought to the end on every part of the field and pulled out draw.

Germany on the Euro. The match with Germany also came out tense. The Hungarians opened the scoring in the first half, in the second the Germans equalized with great difficulty. Then Hungary scored the second after 12 seconds and even led in Munich, but in the end they conceded and were embarrassedly eliminated.

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England qualifying for World Cup 22. The last defeat of the Hungarians against England, which is consistently good at the selection stage. After that the command Russia took into account the mistakes.

England qualifying for World Cup 22. A month later, Hungary passed the second exam – they played very worthy with England, but then nothing foreshadowed trouble for the British.

England in the League of Nations. The start in the League of Nations was good. The British helped: they didn’t play very well, and the Hungarians, who developed immunity, dealt with the team Gareth Southgate. Hungary did not yet know that greater success lay ahead.

Italy in the League of Nations. First it was necessary to undergo purification by Italy – the team Russia played with dignity, but with the youngsters Mancini still didn’t make it.

Germany in the League of Nations. The Germans were better. The Hungarians prevented Germany from playing their football so much that Hansi Flick even after complained that the opponent acted too compactly.

England is very, very painful

Source: Reuters

England suffered their biggest home defeat since 1928. An interesting coincidence: Hungary also inflicted the biggest defeat – in 1954, the Hungarians won in Budapest with a score of 7: 1.

Online Southgate are demanding to be fired. He did not win a single match out of four – so bad for the British Burn was not there yet. The fans were so fed up that on the 85th they sang “You don’t know what you’re doing” to the coach.

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But Jamie Carragher strongly disagree with the fans: “You don’t know what you’re doing… Shut your mouth, clowns. This coach has put us in the best positions since 1966 in the last two tournaments.”

“Disappointing evening. In the first half, we created enough chances to score, but such a story has developed for us in this League of Nations – there was not enough conversion, – defended Harry Kane. – When the score became 0:2, we played simply unacceptably. Now is not the time to panic. We need to raise our heads and come back stronger in September.

This is our first major defeat in a long time. A defensive structure is the key to our success. We need to forget this evening. We have to come to terms with what happened and move on. We will prepare for the 2022 World Cup and learn from these matches. Let’s not forget where we come from. First final in 60 years, World Cup semi-final. And that’s compared to where we’ve been for the past 50 years. We will continue to work to successfully perform at the 2022 World Cup.”.

It looks like the Hungarians have just split the England team in half.



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