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A total of around 450 holes were dug.


Völs – When a treasure hunter himself suddenly becomes the wanted one, it is not without a certain irony. And that’s exactly what is happening in Fiè these days. Because in the well-known and popular local bathing facility – the “Völser Badl” – a very special “mole” has been up to mischief for a few days.

“It started last week in the night from Friday to Saturday,” reports operations manager Helmut Voppichler. A stranger dug over 200 holes on the site. And last night at least as many holes were added. Voppichler suspects that treasure hunters with metal detectors and spades are the culprits. This would be indicated by finds left behind, such as shilling coins and aluminum can closures.

In any case, frustration and financial damage are great: “Actually, we should get the facility ready for winter at the end of the season. Instead, we are in the process of plugging holes in the lawn, ”says Voppichler annoyed. After the first incident, the police were called in and a complaint was made. The executive is also informed now. Voppichler now hopes that witnesses made observations at the time of the crime. (e.g)

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