Hundreds of police officers, firefighters and other first responders are searching for an eight-year-old girl from Berlin in a forest along the German-Czech border. The child has been missing since Sunday.

The girl’s parents took a walk with their children that day through the Bohemian Forest, which borders the Bavarian Forest. The parents lost sight of their daughter and son and their nephew when they went to play in the woods. Rescuers found the six-year-old son and nine-year-old nephew before dark on Sunday evening. The girl remained without a trace.

Vast and dense forest

Police in Bavaria report that more than 800 aid workers from Germany and the Czech Republic are participating in the search. Detection dogs and a police helicopter were also deployed, but to no avail. The search will continue on Tuesday.

The police do not assume a crime, but think that the girl has lost her way. The forest area is vast and densely vegetated, which complicates the search. Another concern is that the temperature is around freezing at night.

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