Human rights protests demanding rectification of the situation in the hospital center in Marrakech

Human rights protests demanding rectification of the situation in the hospital center in Marrakech

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After holding a meeting on Monday, May 22, in the meeting room of the General Administration of the University Hospital Center Mohammed VI in Marrakech, it was devoted to discussing what was described as the disastrous situation experienced by the University Hospital Center in Marrakech, which led to the collapse of most health services, and the stumbling of treatment paths for female citizens and Citizens and successive shameful scandals erupted in the center, and the systematic chaos it knows.

The Union Coordination Council of the University Hospital Center Mohammed VI in Marrakech, formed by the National University of Health, which is affiliated with the General Union of Workers, the Independent Syndicate of Nurses and the National University of Health, which is affiliated with the Moroccan Union of Labor, announced the organization of a protest stand at the General Administration of the University Hospital Center in mid-June. This will be followed by a vigil in Rabat in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection. Their date will be announced during the press conference to be organized in early June.

And the Union Coordination Council expressed, in a report, its dissatisfaction with the management of the University Hospital Center Mohammed VI in Marrakech for missing many health services for delegated management companies, and the chaos that the management of positions of responsibility knows in the center (creating positions without the need for interest, creating positions outside the framework of the law and administrative structure This caused a depletion of human resources and the center’s budget, the closure of vital interests and the cessation of many services.

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The same communication also called on the public administration to pay guard and compulsory compensation, with the adoption of the new method for calculating it according to the outputs of the central meeting of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection on March 01, 2023.

The trade union coordination called for a radical solution to the dilemma of retirement in university hospital centers, and the opening of a fair and just transitional movement for all groups.

The communication also called for justice for the midwives at the Mother and Child Hospital and for finding an urgent and radical solution to take care of newborns, with an investigation into the real causes of the disastrous situation of the mother and child emergency departments, with linking responsibility to accountability.

The Coordination Council stressed the need to expedite finding a solution to the Ibn Tofail emergency department, which has been suspended for more than a year and a half, as well as the development of oncology departments in all its departments, and to clarify the reasons for not exploiting a building in Ibn Tofail Hospital since 2018, and stopping work in the palliative care department and the day surgery complex.

He indicated his intention to organize a press conference in early June, the details of which will be announced in a news report, and to correspond with all oversight bodies and guardianship institutions, and to submit a detailed and documented report of all violations.

The coordination also denounced the absence of medicines, including medicines for cancer patients and the simplest equipment to carry out basic treatments, as well as the disruption of many laboratory services and malfunctions affecting many biomedical equipment, calling on the oversight institutions to open an investigation into the management of public deals in the center related to construction, equipment, nutrition, handling companies, and contracts maintenance…etc.

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The communication surprised the hospitalization interests of the trainees of the private training institutions without respecting the law and the approved quota and the absence of the admins, calling on the management of the center to do justice to the chief nurses and to respond to all their just and legitimate demands.

He denounced the conditions for conducting professional competency exams, especially oral exams for technicians, and called for urgent redress for those affected. He also denounced the selectivity and method of handling medical files for health personnel in the center, and called for activating the role of the Occupational Medicine Department, rehabilitating it, and addressing all imbalances that impede its work in a way that guarantees rights without discrimination.

He also called on the center’s management to facilitate access to treatments for the health personnel working in the center, specifying their paths, and work to release the promotion schedules by seniority and settle the nurses’ administrative status with the addition of legal years.

He held the General Administration of the Center responsible for not declaring the employees of the National Fund for Social Reserve Organizations (OMFAM), which caused arbitrary deductions and their non-benefit from its services.



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