Johnny de Mol managed to get corona minister Hugo de Jonge at the table HLF8 to get. Often the outgoing Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport does not normally appear in talk shows. He says that he would like to remain a minister in the new cabinet.

The corona minister tells about the past corona time and the current vaccination program at the table. De Mol later cites that the vaccination discussion “drift whole families apart”. Protests, the corona pass, vaccination obligation, discrimination, De Mol is addressing it all. “It reinforces the polarization”, according to De Jonge. “Frustration about the measures, aversion to the government, aversion to authority, that reinforces the polarization.”

‘Will the corona pass disappear this year?’

The presenter cites the infamous gallows during a demonstration on Dam Square and calls it a “low point”. According to De Jonge, it is mainly social media that drives these kinds of actions. De Mol wonders whether the corona minister still sees his position. And what his family thinks of these kinds of threats. “What they find most difficult is that I’m not around very much. And when I do get there, we’re never alone. Because you are recognized everywhere,” says De Jonge. “And they are also addressed at school about the measures I take. That is not fun for children, especially teenagers.”

De Mol asks him when the corona pass will disappear. “End of the year?” suggests the presenter. “No, I don’t dare say that,” De Jonge replies. “I do know that we are not going to keep him longer than necessary.” The corona minister says that the infection figures are currently rising again. “We have to look at that for a few weeks. And be a little careful.” The politician does not believe that the corona pass will lead to a dichotomy. “It ensures that we can reunite vaccinated and unvaccinated. It’s not that bad again.”

Hugo de Jonge would like to be minister of new cabinet again

The corona minister is not tired of his job yet. Earlier it appeared from reports of The Telegraph that the minister is ready for round two in the new cabinet. “If I am called upon, I will step forward,” the politician said. De Jonge says that the past year and a half has been “heavy and intense”. But he still thought it was “nice to be able to do”. So he would like to remain at the helm of politics for a while longer.

Later it turns out that the minister is happy that he eventually did not become party leader of the CDA and he also sees himself as mayor of Rotterdam.

Do you want to watch the entire broadcast of HLF8? You can find last night’s episode here.

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Hugo de Jonge ‘likes to step forward’ for round two as minister in new cabinet

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