Huge WhatsApp update: reactions and communities planned

Anyone who is often on Facebook will have known the function for a long time. The smileys for the reaction under the posts. You will soon be able to do this in WhatsApp as well. The function is already officially rolling out in some countries and therefore for some users.

WhatsApp rolls out reactions and drastically increases sent file sizes

You can therefore react directly to the news in the future. You should already know the smileys from Facebook and the feature. Laughter, amazement, a heart, thanking (or praying) hands, anger or a thumbs up. If you hold down a message longer, then the symbols should appear to react. However, the function is still rolling out and most of them may not have received it yet.

As the WhatsApp blog reports, the feature is currently being rolled out and should take one to two weeks before the latest version reaches all users. Until then, some will have to be patient, but this also applies to another feature. So far, you could only share files on WhatsApp that had a maximum size of 100 MB. This capability is now being upgraded to 2 gigabytes (GB). That’s quite a jump! In my opinion, improving the photo quality might have been a good option as well, but there are probably fewer general files than photos sent in WhatsApp overall, which reduces the load a bit. Otherwise a very useful feature!

WhatsApp is currently rolling out the new reaction feature. As you can see in the picture, you can react very directly to messages. (Image: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp with a new community function is intended to bring groups under one roof

The changes to the group function are likely to be even greater. With the “Communities” feature, WhatsApp wants to unite several groups under one roof. The functions should be diverse and go far beyond normal group chats. Organizations, schools, companies or other institutions in particular should benefit greatly from this, which want to bring their employees all to one place, but still want to keep the groups of the different departments.

Members of such communities receive information that is sent to the entire community and can open smaller discussion groups on their own topics. Communities are also equipped with comprehensive management functions. This includes sending announcements to all members and controlling which groups are included in the community.

WhatsApp communities

This is what communities in WhatsApp could look like. According to the developer, the interface shown here is not final. (Image: WhatsApp)

However, the post does not state when the community feature will be available to everyone. It is difficult to say whether it can be activated directly via a remote switch or whether you first have to pull a major WhatsApp update. However, the service will now be greatly expanded and expanded in the coming weeks, also in order to counter the strong competition from Signal, Telegram or Threema. Furthermore, WhatsApp emphasizes that all chats and activities should be secured using end-to-end encryption.



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