Huge hole in Mexico grows and collapses part of a house

Puebla, Mexico.

The large sinkhole that appeared almost a week ago in the central Mexican state of Puebla continued to spread this Friday and caused the collapse of a wall and a bedroom of the house located on the edge of the hole.

This part of the house had been suspended for around 48 hours but as a result of new landslides, the masonry and walls were damaged, causing the partial collapse.

With the latest movements, the sinkhole increased in size by 3 meters to reach a diameter of 97 meters and an approximate depth of 20 meters, according to local authorities.

This Friday, 10 researchers from the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) arrived to work in coordination with the Ministry of the Environment in order to start geophysical and ion work to determine what caused this fault in the earth.

Magdalena Xalamihua, owner of the house, assured that they have not received support from any government since the sinkhole appeared on Saturday.

“It hurts a lot from so much sacrifice, we go hungry, the truth does hurt us a lot, because we don’t know what will happen to us,” he told the media.

“We are hurt from the house that we are seeing that little by little and to pieces it is going to go to where everything ends,” he added.

The detachment occurred on Saturday in a farmland in the Juan C. Bonilla municipality, just over 20 kilometers from Puebla capital, in an area where there are only a few small and humble houses of the people who work the crops.

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The hole originated with 5 meters in diameter, in just 24 hours it grew to 30 meters and since then it has not stopped growing.

Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa said Monday that it is a “matter of enormous risk.”


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