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Huawei has given its flagship smartwatch series a new model. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is chic and, above all, a design upgrade.

It should be chic and sporty, Huawei’s new smartwatch. This comes with the name Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro and is not only a design, but also a technical upgrade to the previous flagship model, the Watch GT 2. Instead of the steel casing of the predecessor, the gray case is now made of even harder and scratch-resistant titanium. The sport version of the watch is back on a black fluoroelastomer strap, that of the classic version on gray leather.

The weight of 52 grams without the strap is above its predecessor – the larger model was 41 grams. Nevertheless, the watch is extremely comfortable to wear, also because Huawei no longer built the bracelet so rigidly in the case, which allows a more comfortable angle of the strap to the case when wearing. The following also applies: Those who prefer to do sports should do without the leather bracelet. It feels of high quality, but could suffer from constant sweat. The smartwatch is of course still waterproof and dustproof.

Sapphire crystal and new bezel

The OLED display – now made of sapphire glass – has remained the same size and sharp at 1.39 inches (454 x 454 pixels). While the bezel on the predecessor, with markings in seconds and two-step hour digits, was still quite full and placed at an angle to the watch glass, everything is different with the “Pro”. The bezel can now be found as a black circle under the flat display glass and only displays narrow lines in five-second increments and an arrow element in the center above.

The watch has grown a bit as a result. Since the new bezel has now been integrated into the display, the case now measures 47 (instead of just under 46) millimeters in width and has also become slightly higher and thicker. The smartwatch is far from being bulky, but it looks more like a model for people with stronger arms. The touchscreen itself now not only feels smoother, it also acts better: Apps can now be selected and activated with pinpoint accuracy.

New clever functions

Some novelties are already noticed when setting up and trying out. For example, software updates can now be imported via the watch itself if the watch is connected to the “Health” app from Huawei. With predecessors, you first had to open the app and then select the updates. Charging is also easier: the watch can now simply be placed on the shell, which is now fully charged, and no longer has to be placed exactly on two charging pins.

In addition to the 32 megabyte main memory, there is also an internal memory of four gigabytes. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to install your own apps on this, because the watch continues to use the previously closed LiteOS operating system. But you can play a lot of music on the watch, which can then be heard directly via the watch – and in a thoroughly impressive quality with a high, yet distortion-free volume. Alternatively, you can stream the tracks to your smartphone or Bluetooth headphones via the watch.

Voice output and route function

There are also dozens of sports programs on the watch, some with well-thought-out programs for beginners, amateur athletes and professionals. In addition to running, cycling, swimming and the like, the watch has now also added new things to golf, skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. The voice output is completely new: users can now (for the time being) either receive sports tips on running speed and the like in English or be warned by voice of heart rates and other vital signs as well as pressure changes outside the normal range.

Another practical new function is a GPS route recording, for example when hiking in the wild or on mountain bike tours through the forest to find your way back to the starting point. As before, the watch records the respective sport with GPS – it also works without a connected smartphone. If you swipe left on the training screen, you will see a recorded route. If you now use the “return” function, you will be directed to the starting point of the activity. Practical, not only for athletes, but also for walks in foreign cities.

Smarter measurement

To save the battery, an “intelligent” measurement can now also be activated for the heart rate. This simply means that the watch no longer measures the heart rate of the wearer constantly, but at short intervals – and thus does not put as much strain on the battery. The values ​​are almost identical, there are no outliers. Oxygen saturation (SpO2) measurements are also on board, which also shows realistic values.

The battery performance is generally beyond any doubt: it lasts ten with average use, without regular exercise including GPS even three to four days longer. Charging takes just under two hours, and wireless charging via smartphones or charging pads is also possible. But then the process takes a few minutes longer. Oh yes, you can also make calls again: you can answer calls directly on your wrist using the watch microphone and the connected smartphone. But not messages: WhatsApp, mails and the like are displayed as legible notes on the watch, but there is no quick response function.

Noble upgrade for the watch

The numerous functions known from the predecessor – the test of the Huawei Watch GT 2 can be read here – can be found in the Pro model again. The watch monitors sleep on request and gives tips against an unhealthy rhythm; it captures stress and shows how to recite it; and it reliably accompanies you in around 100 different sports, some of which also have training and improvement tips.

The Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro is a classy upgrade for the smartwatch series inside and out. In terms of design, we like the slightly larger display with sapphire crystal, the new titanium case, the more stylish bezel and the much easier charging option. In terms of technology, the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro can score with the new route guidance, the training voice output and the new sports as well as the continued high battery life. Some users would only like one way to install apps from a store on the watch. Nevertheless: The Huawei Watch GT 2 is a chic smartwatch with top functions that cuts a fine figure with both a suit and a sports jersey.

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