The Chinese company Huawei took the liberty of joking in the USA at its own expense. But this backfired – to the disappointment of the users.

The Chinese tech giant Huawei took the liberty of joking at its own expense. The company’s US account tweeted that a “Black Friday Special” was taking place, with a 100% discount on all smartphones that Huawei sells in the US – so they could be had for free.

However, the fact is that Huawei has not served the American market with its products since the sanctions were imposed over two years ago.

In 2019, the then Trump administration imposed a so-called US ban on the company on charges of espionage, which prohibits Huawei from selling smartphones in the United States.

In addition, Google was also prohibited from offering the in-house Android operating system on new Huawei smartphones, which is why the group could no longer rely on Google services and the associated Play Store for apps. As a result, the company’s smartphone sales have plummeted.

Joke didn’t go down well

The catch: Many US citizens have either forgotten the sanctions or simply didn’t know about them and were happy to get hold of a free smartphone.

People who were interested in the tweet went to local stores or searched for smartphones from the manufacturer on Amazon and in other online shops. The disappointment followed immediately: There are no Huawei cell phones in the range at all.

After just under an hour, Huawei also noticed that the campaign had caused more confusion than amusement and made it clear in another tweet: “Ok everyone. That was just a joke. We can’t sell anything in the US.”

Unfortunately, the clarification of the facts did not provide any relief. Shouts were quickly heard in the social network that the user felt betrayed or betrayed. But by then it was already too late and what had happened could no longer be undone.

The Twitter post was also attached to three crying smileys, which were supposed to describe Huawei’s difficult situation on the American market. Or the state of mind of the social media team, which in retrospect should probably regret this joke.

In contrast to the USA, Huawei smartphones can still be purchased in Germany. Here, however, users have to be content with the in-house operating system, because Google’s Android platform no longer runs on Chinese smartphones.


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