TheSD Association, the consortium that issues the standards ofSD memory cards and microSD, includes againHuaweiin your list of members that can use this type of technology,after having removed it last weekdue to theveto established by the United States.

The appearance of Huawei in the list of members allows the companyparticipate in the development and access the standards of SD and microSD cards,used in most smartphones on the market as additional storage, as well as manufacturing devices compatible with this technology.

Last week, the SD Association had removed Huawei from its list of members "complying with the orders of the United States Department of Commerce", as confirmed by the agency to Europa Press.

On Monday, Huawei denied having violated the statutes of several industry associations and standards, including the SD Association, arguing that it was a decision "without any legal basis" and taken "in response to political pressure." His return to the list has been confirmed by the company to Europa Press.

The SD Association has not been the only association of international standards that has reacted to the ban on Huawei, something that has also happened withWiFi Alliance,responsible for the WiFi connectivity standard, which claimed to have "temporarily restricted" the Huawei membership, as Nikkei Asian Review notes.

The same has happened with JEDEC, in charge of the standards of semiconductors, processors and memories, of which Huawei also decided to retire voluntarily until the veto of the United States was resolved, whose application has been postponed after a 90-day extension decreed by this country.


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