Huasteca traditional medicine triumphs and arrives at Fenapo 2022 – El Sol de San Luis

With cures for empacho, for Covid and fright; with herbs, massages and cleaning products, for people as well as homes and businesses, the Huasteca healers who offer their services in the Artisan Pavilion of the Potosina National Fair refuse to disappear.

Women who cannot have children, or are pregnant with poorly accommodated babies, high blood pressure, diabetes, sprains, “bad air” and envy; people with insomnia or cramps find a halo of light in this place.

The Artisan Pavilion receives mainly artisans from San Luis Potosí, who offer visitors such innovative items as corn husk crafts and mesquite furniture, there are -as in previous editions- the traditional doctors of the Huasteca Potosina.

Beliefs and faith give way to healing through traditional indigenous medicine, such as that of mrs. Raquel Hernández González, from the municipality of Rayón, who offers sweeps, stomach lifts, empacho cures and traditional sobadera.

Among the medicinal plants it handles are estafiate, moringa, rosewood, saffron, ginger and rosemary; although its “star” product is the miracle ointment made with 12 medicinal plants for sprains.

In the place we were able to talk to Juliana Sánchez Santos, a receptive and friendly woman from the municipality of Axtla de Terrazas, who ensured that she always asks that everything goes well for all of us “that no one is left incomplete and arrives home how it came out.”

“I have been a traditional doctor for many years, some patients already know me, they talk to me on the phone and I send them their medication and the herbs they ask for,” he said.

He admitted that after two editions without holding the Potosina National Fair, this year was not like before, “it’s a little loose, now the pandemic was there and many people hardly get confidence, I can’t complain, people They come and they ask me to help them.”

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Regarding the diseases for which he has a remedy, he pointed out that there is even the defense against Covid-19 to strengthen: “I bring it there, my goods for the pandemic have already arrived, I bring that medicine, because the virus was quite strong in the Huasteca.

He explained that their products are certified, “one hundred percent, they registered my medicine and everything went well, I produce it, I have my laboratories, small but I have it.”

Sánchez Santos is believed to be an expert in cures, personally and for business, we have the cure for fright, treatment for fertility problems, vice, for the prostate and prolapsed bladder, massages for sprains and pain and personal amulets.

On a tour of El Sol de San Luis we also found the traditional herbal medicine of Tamazunchale, with an empirical diagnosis and natural treatments “for all kinds of diseases, natural and strange, massages and kneading of fractures and sprains, as well as cleaning of people, homes and businesses.

The Artisan Pavilion also welcomes the traditional healers of Tancanhuitz de Santos, whose healer and midwife offer cleaning services, rubbed for luck and against envy; spine, arm and waist massages, for muscle pain and of course for fright.

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