HR concerned: cancellations of applicants at a dramatic level

HR concerned: cancellations of applicants at a dramatic level



Many job seekers drop out during the application process. The reasons are varied. A study identifies what is usually lacking.

HR in Sorge: Absagen von Bewerbern auf dramatischem Niveau

Rejections: More and more talents are dropping out in the application process. (Photo: Shutterstock-Insta_Photos)

The shortage of skilled workers in Germany will continue to increase: At 67 percent, two out of three personnel decision-makers assume that the situation will worsen in the coming year. The result is one Forsa study commissioned by Onlyfy by Xinga subsidiary of New Work SE.

The survey was conducted by telephone in Germany among a total of 500 HR managers in companies with 50 or more employees. The concern is particularly pronounced in companies with more than 250 employees. 78 percent of those surveyed were concerned about gaping skills gaps.

Talents drop out in the application process

However, another result of the study is interesting in this context: In 2022, almost all HR decision-makers experienced that talent dropped out of them during the application process.

Specifically, 90 percent of HR managers say that applicants have canceled during the ongoing application process. At 37 percent, almost one in three HR managers confirmed that candidates had dropped out occasionally in the last twelve months, and 24 percent of those surveyed stated that this had even happened frequently to very frequently.

“The balance of power in the labor market has shifted. Companies no longer hold the trump cards. Today, companies apply to talent, not talent for jobs,” says Frank Hassler, board member of New Work SE. The employer market is developing into an employee market.

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Optimize the application process, relieve HR managers

Companies have little room for error and should take a very close look at how they set up their recruiting in a timely and strategic manner. The reasons for the cancellations are manifold and range from a better offer from the competition to a lack of flexibility on the part of the employer to procedural reasons, such as an application process that was perceived as too complex.

It is also not an advantage that more than 60 percent of HR managers have to spend their time on administrative tasks such as payroll accounting and organizing and coordinating application processes.

“Many HR departments today are overwhelmed by administrative time wasters. Companies should go intelligent ways here and find solutions to better relieve their executives,” Frank Hassler continues.

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