“How unconscious! You could break that girl’s head ”Cinthia Fernández, very questioned!

The media was in the middle of a strong controversy over her daughters.

Cinthia Fernández was in the middle of a strong controversy due to a video he shared of his daughters, Charis, Bella and Francesca (fruits of his ex-marriage with Matías Defederico), having fun in the pool. The media showed very proud how they have fun in times of quarantine, but many users came to the crossroads when they saw the trick of one of the girls.

On her official Instagram account, Cinthia uploaded a filming where one of the girls is seen doing a dive not from the edge of the pool, but from a tall concrete ledge ended by outraging her fans. The strongest comments he received were: “How unconscious!”, “What danger, if the girl does not calculate well, she kills herself. Or if it skids! ”,“ A little dangerous ”. Tremendous! What do you think?

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Days ago, the former participant of the Super Dancing 2019 He fired a very hard hint for his ex-partner, Martín Baclini, with whom he spent almost two years and they ended in October of last year. “Time is a wise teacher who helps you discover: the hidden lies, the truest reasons and the false people. Everything comes back, ”she wrote, sharp as ever.

Days later, the businessman decided to come out to answer him also with hints from his stories. “I apologized without being at fault, I lowered my head being right, I did for others what they would never do for me, I hid that it was wrong not to worry anyone. Don’t tell me I’m selfish, “said the owner of” The Palace of Opportunity. “

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“Because I lost count of the
times that I placed the happiness of others above mine, “he added. I love the
life as it is, “concluded the Rosario. It remains to note that the rumors
They assure that the fight between the extortolitos would have been reactivated because
Baclini decided to participate in the Dancing
along with his new girlfriend, Agustina Agazzani.