How to use the free Microsoft Office suite in a completely legal way

Microsoft Office. (photo: Fernando Juca)

Although the Package of Microsoft Office it is paidthe American company has a free option which allows you to do the basics with three main programs: Word, Excel y power point.

Microsoft You know that millions of people use Office every day and as their main tool. Or the person in work Windows oh MacOS, the Office suite is essential to your programs. And of course nothing is discovered when it is mentioned that Excel or Word are important tools at work or at university.

That’s why Microsoft has an option that allows users to use the basic programs, to get everyone who needs the tools out of a bind, even if they don’t have the money to pay for them. The best part is this the trick is legit and super simple, Well, no one will get in trouble and it doesn’t involve changing your Windows account every week.

Use Office online completely free

The option discussed in the opening paragraphs is nothing more Office online. not the same as Microsoft 365because it lacks some options but it is just necessary to check and sign in with your Microsoft account to start using Word, Excel and PowerPoint right out of the box.

As for the differences, Word you cannot add citations and references or use advanced layout features. Excel missing advanced formulas and power point It has limited animations.

However, the documents you are working on are stored in the free space of OneDrive so that they can be accessed from others devices.

Microsoft Office.  (photo: Windows News)
Microsoft Office. (photo: Windows News)

Other situations where you can use the free Office suite

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Now, after giving the solution to any user who wants Word, Excel or PowerPoint completely free, it is also important to know that these programs can be obtained for free from very special cases which will be detailed below:

– You have a child in college or university

When a family has a child in an educational institution, it can work with two companies: Google oh Microsoft. If it’s the latter, the institution almost certainly has an agreement with Microsoft to provide free Word, Excel, and PowerPoint licenses to students (and even faculty). And they do it with an account of Microsoft 365.

To use it, you just need to ask the center for the access data (which is the student’s email account with a password) and download the installer. When you sign in to Word, you need to use this information and that’s it.

In addition to using Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other programs, even in 5 computers or devices1TB of OneDrive cloud storage is also available so you can store whatever you want.

Microsoft Office Education.  (photo: Mextudia)
Microsoft Office Education. (photo: Mextudia)

– They use Microsoft accounts at work

Another way to get Office 365 for free is if the company you work for has an agreement with Microsoft and the company offers these subscriptions to employees.

This is common if the work yes or yes depends on serial programs and especially if you have some type remote work. Otherwise, if the work is 100% face-to-face, it won’t be possible to use Microsoft 365 at home, because it wouldn’t make much sense either.

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In the case of the first situation presented in the previous paragraph, it is only necessary to take the Office key from work and activate it on the home computer to use the programs on the computer, depending on the urgency of each.

Yes, you should have caution because administrators can see how many computers have activated the license and this can cause problems.

Microsoft Office.  (photo: ABC)
Microsoft Office. (photo: ABC)

– Buy a new computer

Finally, if the reader has purchased a new computer, it will almost certainly come with Office for free. As part of its promotional programs for these computers, Microsoft installs its office software by default in the version of Office 365 so that it can be used at any time.

Of course, it is important to emphasize this It is only valid for 3 to 6 months. After that, Office programs like Word, Excel or PowerPoint stop working on your computer and you will have no choice but to buy them if necessary.


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