How to Update Personal Information on a Vehicle Title in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) Drivers are required to update the personal information that appears on the title of the vehicle, whenever it has changed for any reason. This procedure must be preceded by the change of the same data in the driver’s license, with the intention of guaranteeing, simultaneously, the change of the information in the vehicle registration.

The information that can be changed in these documents is that related to the name or address of the applicant. Some states like New York allow gender change, but in the state of Florida it does not apply yet.

The laws state that each person must complete this type of application within the first 30 days after legal proceedings involving a new name or moving.

How do I update the information that appears on the title of my vehicle in Florida?

To process the change of personal information that appears on the title of a vehicle, the FLHSMV establishes certain conditions that all applicants must meet before to carry out any procedure in their offices, especially when it comes to updating the name:

a.) People whose name has changed (due to marriage, divorce, adoption or legal process) must update their files with the Social Security Administration (SSA) before requesting the change at FLHSMV offices.

b.) After the change in SSA, it is important that you wait 1-2 days (24-48 hours) before submitting your application to the FLHSMV.

Since the name of the persons must coincide in the registry of the SSA and the FLHSMV, this agency maintains that it is only necessary to carry out the change process in the driver’s license so that, automatically, the information is updated in the registration and in the title. In other words, the information will change in all of your files, but the applicant will need to go through a process of requesting duplicates for the title and registration if they want to have the update in the physical documents that they must carry with their driver’s license when they make a request. use of your privileges.

To make the name change on the driver’s license, the FLHSMV has all the information on its official website, with a list of acceptable documents depending on the nature of the applicant: US citizen, immigrant, nonimmigrant, or Canadian.

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How do I get a replacement title for my vehicle in Florida?

Once the name or address change has been made on file with the FLHSMV, Duplicate vehicle title applications can be made at the same agency following some steps:

1. Go to a local FLHSMV office.
2. Complete an Application for a Duplicate/Lost in Transit/Reassignment of a Motor Vehicle Certificate of Title form (HSMV Form 82101)
3. Provide proof of identity of the owner of the vehicle: driver’s license or identification card.
4. Consign the disclosure of the odometer and any other document that is requested about the owner of the vehicle.
5. Pay a fee corresponding to the procedure.

The process of requesting a duplicate property title can also be carried out by mail, sending all of the above to the postal address of the nearest FLHSMV office. The processing of this type of requests is at least 10 days.

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