how to sign up and how much is the increase in july

The Ministry of Labor confirmed through a publication in the Official Gazette that the increases to the Minimum Wage will be advanced, so that the beneficiaries have already received the first installment in May and will continue with the rest of the scales during June and August. The amounts and dates can be consulted at Mi Anses or on its website

How to enroll in the Empower Work program

This program aims to help improve employment and generate new productive proposals, in order to promote full social inclusion for people who are in a situation of social and economic vulnerability.

The Potential Work registration system works with ups and downs. Currently, there is no enrollment, but when it is enabled it will be governed by the National Registry of Workers of the Popular Economy (Renatep).

For this reason, people interested in receiving the Empower Work must sign up on the form Renatep and wait for the summons. Those who receive this plan must carry out monthly tasks of care, recycling and environmental services, construction, social infrastructure and neighborhood and housing improvement, family agriculture and food production, production of clothing and other manufactures, and popular commerce.

At the moment, there are no new calls for inscriptions to Empower Work, although for people who want to be part of the program in case of reopening the inscription, it is necessary to register in the National Registry of Workers of the Popular Economy, through this link.

Empower Work: payment schedule and updated amounts

Beneficiaries of Enhance Work have already received their first tranche of increases (18%) in May when they began to receive $19,470, although that amount will be modified as of June. In this way, the last three sections of the increase will be 10% in June and then another 10% in August.

  • On June 1 they receive $22,770 (increase of 17%): they are collected in July.
  • On August 1 they receive $23,925 (increase of 10%): they are collected in September.
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Who can access Empower Work

This plan is compatible with the following beneficiaries:

  • Universal Child Allowance (AUH).
  • Universal Allowance for Pregnancy (AUE).
  • Economic or material benefits of a housing and/or family protection nature granted by the National, Provincial or Municipal State or the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, such as, for example, the My Piece Plan and the Accompanying Program.
  • Benefits of a Food Nature, for example, the Food Card.
  • Independent workers who are registered in the Social Monotax.
  • Dependent workers registered under the Special Regime of Employment Contract for the Personnel of Private Houses.

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