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150 texts a day in group chats that don’t interest you at all, but don’t dare to leave them? We’ll tell you a trick.

In group chats, several people can exchange ideas with one another on WhatsApp at the same time. This is usually practical, but it can also get annoying if messages are sent too often in a group or if you are actually not interested in the group at all. Sometimes, however, you feel exposed to social pressure to stay in the group anyway so as not to offend or angry the other members. Because when a member leaves the group, all other people in the group are informed of the departure.

In fact, there is a trick you can use to get rid of a group once and for all without actually having to leave it. To address this, the pesky group needs to be muted first. This ensures that from now on no more pop-up notifications are displayed when messages are sent in the group. The phone also stops vibrating and remains silent when a message from the group arrives.

Move to archive

To mute a group, click on the three dots to the right of the group name. Then select the option “Mute notifications”. Here you can also choose whether the group should remain silent for eight hours, a week or forever. However, the mute function is not enough to leave the group behind completely, because even if it is muted, the new messages appear prominently when the Whatsapp app is opened.

So if you want to leave the group behind you, you have to go one step further. This can be done by archiving the group. To do this, click on the affected group in the chat list and hold it down a little longer. Then you can click on the “Archive” symbol on Android or select “Archive” on iPhones. Finally, you just have to switch on the option “Leave chats in archive” under “Archived chats” in the WhatsApp settings.

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From now on, the group remains invisible, even if, strictly speaking, you have never left it. This also makes it possible to reactivate the group at a later point in time and to actively participate in the conversations again.

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