Continuous updates and new additions from WhatsApp provide optimal and wonderful use for hundreds of millions of users around the world, while providing some technical solutions to the problems that many suffer from, and in a new development, foreign reports revealed that the world’s most famous application for instant messaging and exchanging photos and videos, recently worked to provide a feature Reply to text messages with emoji emoticons, similar to Facebook and Instagram, which are included in the new beta version No. for Android devices.

Reply to WhatsApp messages with codes

And the reports indicated that Android phones can get the feature to reply to text messages with emoji emoticons, provided that they download the latest version of WhatsApp, pointing at the same time that although this service will be available on Android phones, it will be experimental after testing it with users of Android devices. iOS, to be circulated to all platforms from the settings option during the coming period, similar to testing the feature of converting voice messages to texts.

A new update in the WhatsApp application brings an exceptional feature to its users on smartphones
A new update in the WhatsApp application brings an exceptional feature to its users on smartphones

How to autoresponder

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On the other hand, the WhatsApp application allows the ability to automatically reply to messages, which is very useful for users who do not have enough time to respond to messages and chats that they receive, with the ability to specify the people who want this automatic reply to reach them, whether everyone or specific friends, or New numbers that are not registered in your contacts, or all your contacts, except for the ones you specify.

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How to reply to WhatsApp text messages with emoji… and auto reply

To activate the automatic and automatic reply feature for messages, you can follow the following steps:

  • Open whattsapp and sign in.
  • Click on the Menu button, then Settings.
  • Then tap Business Settings.
  • Then the option for out-of-hours alerts.
  • In the case of modifying the text, click on it and then put the text you want.

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