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PS5 Slim it really exists, although it is simply a prototype made by youtuber DIY Perks, who set the goal of reduce the size of the Sony console, indeed remarkable, transporting the PCB inside a copper case just two centimeters thick.

The actual volumes of the components of PlayStation 5 they allow it, as anyone who has watched the official PS5 teardown knows well, but in the end, the experiment put in place by Matthew Perks has done nothing but place the power supply and above all the dissipation system of the platform outside.

So does DIY Perks’ PS5 Slim leave the time it finds? Let’s say the challenge of taking such a big console and reduce it to a very thin set top box it would be exciting for any hardware enthusiast, but fewer stakes could have helped.

As you can see in fact at the end of the video, when Perks compares the temperature exercise of his PlayStation 5 Slim with those of a standard model, the solution adopted for heat dissipation is all too effective and perhaps reducing its range while accepting a greater thickness would have allowed the project to take on different connotations.

The PS5 Slim made by DIY Perks

Of course, that someone has posed the question, virtually throwing a gauntlet to Sony, is undoubtedly positive: many expect the Japanese house to bring a more compact model of its current flagship into stores, which hypothetically could happen between 2023. and 2024, and collecting some ideas never hurts.

Obviously no one would buy a very thin PS5 but with two big cables coming out from the back and leading to a huge radiator to be fixed to the wall and to be cooled with a fan chain, so it is clear that the slim model will not be so small.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Who knows, maybe the Japanese house will field a solution with Bent PCB at the Xbox Series Xopting for an external power supply that can further deflate the volumes necessary for the components and creating a smaller and more efficient custom cooling system, perhaps just liquid.

It will be interesting to discuss it and do it with the renewed serenity of a sector in recovery, that of semi-conductors produced in Asian factories, which will ensure greater stocks of PS5 in the coming months for a gradual return to normal.

PS5 e Xbox Series X

PS5 e Xbox Series X

What do you think of the PS5 Slim by DIY Perks and the concept of PlayStation 5 Slim in general? What solutions could Sony adopt? And when would the new model be launched? Let’s talk about.

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