How to recover deleted chats from Facebook Messenger

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The messaging application developed by Meta has been collecting messages from millions of people since 2008, it is possible that each person can see a considerable amount of chats stored over the years; However, it may be the case that you mistakenly or intentionally deleted a conversation only to find that you had important information, luckily. There is a method to recover deleted chats from Messenger.

First of all, the solution is only available for Android devices, because it uses a third-party application to work, it is’Es File Manager‘, which is available from the Google Play Store for free. File manager is a local file manager that has the ability to analyze the storage to clean heavy or useless files, although it also incorporates a function to recover deleted conversations from the Facebook messaging service.

To recover the deleted chats, users must download and install the application to later open it and grant it the necessary permissions so that it can work, the next thing will be to open it and search within the options for the one that says ‘Storage or MicroSD Card’ to later press on the section ‘Android’ and then ‘Data’.

Once the previous steps have been done, a list will be displayed with several files that are somehow “hidden” within the device, you must find the folder called ‘com.facebook.orca’ and click, a new tab will open where you must enter the ‘Cache’ folder, finally, hit the ‘fb_temp’ option.

From now on, all conversations that are accidentally or intentionally deleted will be automatically stored in the ‘fb_temp’ folder, which can be recovered as many times as necessary.

It should be noted that it depends on where the application is hosted (either in the MicroSD or in the internal storage) it will be the path that you must follow to be able to bring the deleted chats, it is also possible that to analyze a specific folder you may ask as a requirement Being a ‘root’ user, that is, having the phone unlocked through another third-party app, a process that allows you to access more advanced settings on the phone but that could generate problems in case of warranty.

How to appear offline while using Messenger

Another option most sought after by the user community is to enable the option that allows you to navigate within the messaging service without appearing online, which is possible within the application and does not require any third-party platform .

First of all, you must ensure that Facebook Messenger is in its latest version, to do this, go to the application store and check that the app does not ask for any update, then you must enter the platform and click on your profile (click on the avatar or the image in the upper left corner).

Once in your profile, look at the options until you find the one that says ‘Active status’, once inside, you will see the following options ‘Show when you are active’ and ‘Show when they are active at the same time’, so you must disable both to go unnoticed within the application, that is, once the configuration is applied, other users will not be able to see if you are connected or if you were recently connected.


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