How to put music in your WhatsApp states?

Today we will let you know step by step how you can put song in your States within the WhatsApp application, so continue reading so that you are one of the cousins ​​who knows how to do it.

It should be noted that in this way you can use Spotify as a tool to play the song you prefer.

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging network in the world and since it was obtained by Facebook, it has gradually added attractive features to attract more users and also, of course, to keep it on par with the competition, such as stories.

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The “States” are a tool where you can share images, texts and even videos of a maximum of 30 seconds that only last for 24 hours and are automatically deleted.

It is worth mentioning that as in other social networks, they work so that users can share their day to day or content that seems special to them so that their contacts can check it.

However, within its functions it does not have the possibility of sharing music, but there are methods and some tricks so that you can make your favorite artists sound in your state.

Although there is still no automatic way to put music on WhatsApp, you can use Spotify to help you share the song you prefer.

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This can be achieved by sharing it as a form of video, so you must choose the exact part of the song that you want to share.

First of all, you must enter Spotify where you will choose your favorite song or the one you want to share with your contacts.

After giving it play, you should not pause it and you have to exit the application, now you must go to WhatsApp and go to the Status menu and click the camera icon to create a new one or simply click on the “My status” option.

If what you want is for the song to be heard without a special background, you can cover your camera or place the cell phone on a table so that it appears with a black screen, however, with the music in the background.

This is how, since it works in this case as background music, you can use this method to record a landscape, a trip or a more special moment.

Then, once you stop the video, you can add text, emojis or edit it and cut something you don’t like, as well as check that the music is heard at a good level.

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