How to organize a surprise 70th birthday party

How to organize a surprise 70th birthday party

Over From the place to the gifts: how to organize a surprise party for someone who turns 70 6 May 2023 – 08:00 Organizing a surprise party for a person who turns 70 may not be a simple undertaking: some advice on how to get around Table of contents The choice of the place The decorations The guests The gifts It is an easy situation to imagine: a friend or a friend, your partner or your life partner are turning 70, and you want to organize a surprise party for this very birthday special. How you do it? The imagination certainly gallops, however there are several details to study carefully before acting. The first, most important and almost obvious, is precisely the surprise effect. You must aim to amaze the birthday boy or girl, “plotting” behind him alone or in company, in order to organize the perfect party. Choosing the venue If you want to organize a party at home, you can do it “on your own” or by delegating: whoever organizes the surprise party can decide to prepare everything, from the decorations to the buffet, alone or with friends, hidden from the birthday boy of course, but he can also contact a professional, so that he thinks and realizes everything. However, based on the birthday boy’s wishes and what is known about him or her, the party can instead be organized in a ballroom or restaurant, an eventuality that can greatly facilitate the surprise effect because there is no risk of being discovered during the preparations. The decorations Also in this case it is important to know the tastes of the birthday boy or girl. There are those who love to exaggerate and those who prefer sobriety. Caps and balloons may be nice and right, but not everyone likes them. Alternatively, you can think of a theme based on the passions of the recipient of the party. The guests Since this is a surprise party, the birthday boy or girl does not choose the people they like on their own. So the knowledge must be profound and one must be careful not to make “diplomatic” trouble, by omitting the invitation for intimates or worse, by sending it to people the birthday boy does not like. This is why it is essential that the organization includes the life partner or best friend of those who are turning 70. GiftsGiving a gift to someone who turns 70 is not a simple undertaking: the birthday boy or girl could already have everything they have ever wanted. We must therefore proceed by investing in the passions of those who receive the gifts: vouchers that represent a profound fall in style must certainly be avoided, but technology (a new smartphone or tablet for example) could always be useful, as well as a smartbox for a stay of your choice on a date to be decided may represent the right and potentially more appreciable choice.

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