How to make the display of notifications more discreet in iOS 16?

How to make the display of notifications more discreet in iOS 16?

Do you have too many notifications on the screen? Are you a little overwhelmed by its informative pellets? So, follow our tutorial “How to make the display of notifications more discreet in iOS 16? to customize and refine whether or not notifications are displayed on your iPhone under iOS 16.

The display of notifications can now be configured with more finesse, thanks iOS 16! Attention, one thing cannot be changed, the location of notifications is done since iOS 16 at the bottom of the screen. For the moment, it is impossible to return to the previous situation, with the display at the top of the screen.

To start, run Settings and identify the topic Notifications. Press it to access the different options. We have a named executive Show as. It offers three possible views for notifications.

  • Name will only display the number of notifications at the bottom of the screen.
  • Pile displays a single notification frame that must be opened by tapping on it.
  • And finally, List which as its name suggests displays a list of notifications.

Now that you’ve selected the display, let’s tweak the settings.

Thus, iOS proposes not to display certain notifications and to group them in a summary at a fixed time. Go to the section Notifications and select Summary of notifications. We are then presented with the applications that generate the most notifications. Here we make sure that notifications from Twitter and the Enki app are combined in a first summary at 8 a.m. and a second at 6 p.m.

Let’s go back to the page Notifications and select Show Previews. This allows you to choose when the notification preview can occur: Always, When unlocked or Never.

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Last step, still on the page Notificationsactivate Screen sharing if you use SharePlay everyday and want notifications to follow you.

You can test different variants in order to obtain the display that best suits your uses.

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