how to invest pesos and receive dollars

The Argentinian company Crowdium, present since 2015, offers the possibility to enter the historically profitable market of investment property, but in an accessible way for all types of investors: of 50 thousand pesos through crowdfunding.

It’s about a cooperative investment system in residential developments that have until now 135 thousand registered investors y 21 funded projectsaccumulating a total of 5,000 million pesos.

In dialogue with Damián Lopo, CEO and founder of Crowdium, we were able to discover Avenue Park, “This new project is unique and opens up a new category of real estate investment alternatives never seen before. Monthly return guaranteed by contract with the support of a property? Yes, with Crowdium we did that.”

The CEO’s challenging statement about Avenue Park is based on the new negotiations the company reached for this project “We have structured the only investment with guaranteed return, dollarized monthly income and total profitability of 30% in dollars in 30 months”.

Innovation vs Security

Innovation often comes with unforeseen risks, but not Avenue Park. With the new proposal, the Crowdium team has overcome this challenge by offering a disruptive portfolio, while maintaining the support and security characteristic of the real estate market.

The risks of property they are very rare, the most important being the duration of the sale period of the units and the variation that may occur in the price. Crowdium mitigated these risks by negotiating with the developer to buy back all the units at an already set price, improving the conditions and setting a precedent for future portfolios.

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The project consists of the acquisition of apartments from the well inan exclusive residential development, located in the Palermo neighborhood. Added to the discount obtained for the wholesale purchase of properties the developer includes a monthly rent from the start of the project.

Moreover, thanks to the Crowdium negotiation, the apartments acquired will per contract bought back at the end of the project term to a predetermined value makes it possible to secure a total return of 30% in 30 months.

Investments start from 50,000 pesos, an accessible ticket that allows investors to expand participation while the project is available. The money will be managed by a prestigious fiduciary registered with the National Securities Commission, outside of Crowdium, to add transparency and security to the process.

In addition, to celebrate innovation, the company adds an additional 2% to the amount invested for every investment that exceeds 100,000 pesos made up to and including October 31st. Bases and conditions apply.

How to participate?

Those interested can enter the company’s platform, register for free and choose the amount they want to invest -both in pesos and dollars- They can also call 0800-220-2769, where a commercial advisor will provide follow-up on the process.

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